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The new experience for the menswear styling website

Thread for iOS

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Pomodoro for Watch

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15 Days in Japan

A custom built travel blog documenting my first trip to Japan.


Logo and web design for Auria, the
eco-friendly swimwear brand

The Scientist

UI Design of the scientific articles aggregator and news feed for iOS

Creative Space

Website for the real estate company that transforms offices into homes

Instagram Redesign Brief

A re-imagined UI of the popular photography app for iOS



Detail of an application of the Stylize/d identity

Identity and web design for the independent fashion blog

Sony VAIO Message Center

Kent & Curwen

Kent & Curwen Logo on an image from the Fall/Winter 2012

Responsive website for the luxury menswear brand

Google DoubleClick


App icon of the Keepon app for iOS

Design, Architecture and experience of the third-party Kickoff client for iOS


A computer generated image of an iPhone with the #todo app interface
        on the display

User interface and experience of the Twitter-powered to-do list app

Norman Hartnell

A picture of the Norman Hartnell logo

Development of HM The Queen's dressmaker revival brand website

Paul Cocksedge Shop

A photograph of the black Bookmark by Paul Cocksedge Studio

Identity and online store for the
London-based design studio

Vânia Coelho Santos

One of the computer generated images representing one Vânia Coelho
        Santos architectural concepts

Design and development of my sister's architecture digital portfolio

Ava Mirabelle

A picture of the Ava Mirabelle Logo

Identity and development of the
hand-made online fashion store


Expresso Viagens

Fraction of one of the illustrations made for the Expresso Viagens

Identity, print, web design / development and illustrations for the travel agency

Index 7

Image with the Index 7 show logo placed on top of a photograph by
        Myka Baum

Identity and print design for the photography exhibition

Protein® Journal

Fraction of the cover for the Protein Journal Issue 3

Development of the Protein’s journal version for the iPad

Shooting People

Photograph of the buinsess cards designed for Shooting People

Print, web design and development for the filmmakers’ network

Lilias Buchanan

Fraction of one of the illustrations from the series ‘The Death of
        Ivan Illych’ by Lilias Buchanan

Online portfolio for the portraitist illustrator and graphic designer

Jo Phipps

Fraction of ‘Joseph’ by Jo Phipps

Design and development of the artist online portfolio


Image of the Stethoscore Application running on an iPhone 4

UI/UX & web development for the medical utility app


Marili André

Frame of one of Marili André videos overlayed by the logo

Identity for the fashion photographer and filmmaking artist

Ailara Berdyyeva

Photo of the ‘Inside/Outsie’ bag by Ailara Berdyyeva

Identity, print, photography and web design for the textile designer webfolio

Caroline Pera

Photo of one of Caroline Pera’s jewellery pieces

Identity, print and web design for the jewelery design webfolio

Ana Barreira

Fraction of one of Ana Barreira’s photos overlayed by her logo

Identity, print and web design of the fashion photography webfolio


Miti Ruangkritya

Fraction of ‘Bangkok Protest’ by Miti Ruangkritya

Design of the website for the Thai photojournalist

Sophie Westerlind

Fraction of one of Sophie Westerlind’s illustrations

Design and development for the graphic designer and illustrator

Fractures from Anxiety

Detail of the cover for ‘Fractures from Anxiety’ designed by
        Nuno Coelho Santos

Book and cover design for the short stories of Marcus Bastel


This is the online portfolio and archive of Nuno Coelho Santos. I use this website as a way to document the process of each project and my progress as a designer. More about me.


+81 904 930 0962,
or nuno@nunocoelhosantos.com.

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